Why GADD Analytics?

GADD Analytics is our solution for analyzing data. One of our first GADD Analytics solutions was developed together with business representatives from one of Sweden´s largest  multinational retail companies. The ambition was to improve the weekly KPIs and the solution was concluded to reduce costs, unify and save a lot of manual work. Along the way we have gathered a brilliant team with a lot of experience within data processing and data analysis with the mindset that problems are for solving.

Customized Solutions

We develop customized solutions, but we also know that challenges in one company often are similar in other companies. The rule of 80/20 applies. Due to that our customized solutions are always designed with the intention to be useful also within other companies. Therefore, specific data, parameters and goals are configurations that the company can steer and manage on its own.


The need for an analyzing tool often emerges from the business, e.g. requirements to follow up KPI:s in the daily operations. We believe that the best solutions are developed in close cooperation with co-workers in the daily operations using an agile working methodology. Our engagement does not end when a solution is launched. We are passionate about what we do and wish to be your long term partner and further improve to fit new requirements and latest technology.


Our technology enables customized solutions with an open architecture using powerful 3rd party components. With our technology components we cover all mechanisms needed from data consolidation, calculation and data management to display in interactive dashboards available via a web browser. This allows us to construct customized solutions, with a high level of integration to the business process, that are intuitive and easy to use.


Our team consists of a network of skilled individuals, with GADD Software as the common basis. We do not have a traditional head office, instead we work where it is most effective for a specific project. It can e.g. be in a home office, at rented premises or at a customer´s location. Our core team is small, but extended when needed by collaborating with different partners. This has proven to be a lean, cost efficient and flexible way of working for both our customers and ourselves.

Watch our video “Five Good Reasons to use GADD Analytics!”