About Us

The objective for GADD Software is to develop customized solutions that are easy to use. Traditional enterprise software systems are often difficult to integrate and customize to specific needs. For us integration and customization are the keys to make solutions easy to use and cost efficient.


Our vision is to enable growth and improve the business performance by supporting the business with better working software. This is achieved by a high level of customization. Our solutions are easy to use, and can be used by everyone, everywhere on any device in the daily operations, in order to:

  • Establish awareness on key KPI’s
  • Guide and steer operational focus
  • Get tighter and quicker feedback
  • Empower to improve
  • Be in control of information flow


Our mission is to extend your BI solution to be available for all users and on all devices. And to make it happen now at a breathtaking low cost.

Our Values

We have defined five core values that describes who we are and how we work:

  • Professional
  • Respect
  • Committment
  • Teamwork
  • Simplicity

Code of Conduct

Click on the link to download our Code of Conduct:
Code of Conduct



Our team consists of a network of skilled individuals, with GADD Software as the common basis. Our core team is small, but extended when needed by collaborating with different partners. Do not hesitate to contact any of us!