GADD Technology

Our concept focus on making it easy for the consumer. With our technology components we can construct interactive dashboards available on any device.


Our concept focus on making it easy for the consumer. Integration is the key to unify, automate and consolidate and to construct customized solutions. Customized solution with high level of integrated to the business process becomes intuitive and easy to use.

Technology Components

With our technology components we cover all mechanisms needed from data retrieval, consolidation, calculation and data management to display in interactive dashboards available via a web browser:

  • GADD Uploader
  • GADD Dashboard Builder
  • GADD Trend Detection
  • GADD Dashboard Server
  • GADD Audit and Authentication
  • GADD Collaborator

Modules Based Design

We work with module based design, menaning that we develop business modules adapted to specific business needs. The result of this is the following benefits:

  • Solutions that are easy to manage
  • Increased value and reduced costs
  • Possibility to unify, consolidate and automate
  • Short time from decision to implementation

Business Modules

Currently we develop business modules for a wide range of business areas. The dashboards are organized in dashboard portals and are easy to access via the web browser. The dashboards are interactive and easy to navigate and include drilldown and filter options. Specific data, parameters and goals are configurations that the company can steer and manage on its own.

We develop Business Modules for:

  • Sales & Marketing
  • Customer Service
  • Claim Handling
  • Logistics
  • Business Navigation
  • HR
  • QA