Customized Solutions

We develop customized solutions, but we also know that challenges in one company often are similar in other companies. The rule of 80/20 applies. Due to that our customized solutions are always designed with the intention to be useful also within other companies.

Working Software

The main idea of customized solutions is to package functionality into working software that is flexible and efficient to manage and at the same time easy for the users to access and navigate. Our solutions are web based and available for everyone, everywhere on any device. Specific data, parameters and goals are configurations that the company can steer and manage on its own.

Business Requirements

Common for the customized solutions is that they originate from a need of working software in the daily operations where the objective is to improve the situation with the priority on “here and now”, and is done in close cooperation with the stakeholder.

Modules Based Design

We apply a modules based design when we develop and the advantages are proven to be several. The solutions only include functionality that is needed. If there are specific business requirements it`s easy to customize. And since the modules have the same architecture and design and work together, they can be consolidated in order to get the full picture of the business.

International Benchmark

For multinational companies another advantage is that a unified follow up and analysis easily can be done in all countries. Which in turn offers the opportunity to further develop global benchmark solutions including many business units whenever it is relevant.