Why GADD Analytics?

GADD Analytics is our solution for analyzing data. One of our first GADD Analytics solutions was developed together with business representatives from one of Sweden´s largest  multinational retail companies. The ambition was to improve the weekly KPIs and the solution was concluded to reduce costs, unify and save a lot of manual work.

Operational BI

Business Intelligence (BI) is traditionally used for tactic and strategic decisions. GADD Analytics covers the levels of tactic and strategic BI and does also have the capability of operational BI, i.e. to manage information needed for running the day-to-day business. Operational BI puts much higher demands on making it easy for the consumer and managing larger volumes of data. GADD Analytics solves this with having the focus on the consumer of the information and making it available via the web browser on any type of device.

Reduce Costs

Reduce costs is very much about taking control of your knowledge. This is achieved by having a dependable tool for  analyzing information. It is important to be confident in that the correct data is retrieved, processed, displayed and consumed. Only then the right adjustments can be done. Minimize errors in the future.


The core needs of Operational BI are usually the same for different departments within large enterprises. One advantage is therefore to have unified solutions, not only from a cost perspective but also, and perhaps more important, the possibility to compare and benchmark.


In many companies a lot of manual work is put into retrieving data and manually consolidating the data. Microsoft Excel is still the favorite for many BI specialists. With GADD Analytics this is 100% automated. ETL (Extract, Transform and Load) data is automated as well as data consolidation, calculation and publishing of web dashboards presenting the data.

Easy to Use

Any solution is as good as it is beeing used. Things that are easy to use, are used, and that gives value. This is why one of our primary objectives is to design GADD Analytics solutions that are easy to use.